Welcome to Daves Family

Daves Family is a collection of cartoon characters living on the Ethereum network. The collection is heavily influenced by street culture , skateboarding, graffiti, street art, hip hop and punk and The Family is born to offer a home to the different and misunderstood members of our society and help them find their place in this world.
Join the Daves Family and help us grow the culture
Ownership and commercial usage rights given to the consumer over their NFT


Wen drops?

30.06.2022 Exact time TBD in Discord

How many?

5555 Daves will be created 155 will be reserved for the team promotions and giveaways

How much?

1 Daves NFT can be minted for 0.00eth + gas fees

Wen reveal?

24h after sellout or 5 days after public sale starts

More info sir?

Hop on to the discord

why ?

Cos Daves is Family

Dave story

Welcome all to Dave’s Family. We are excited to have you.

The Family’s mission is to form a community around a love of art and street culture, to build a place where we can help upcoming artists, musicians, and everyone who wants to express themselves, support each other, and grow. In the Family you can be yourself – no one judges you – no one cares where you come from – who your parents are – your status – your sexual orientation or gender – none of that matters. You can be YOU.

Everyone needs a home; a place where you can grow, learn, be supported, and uplifted. When we are down, we seek refuge in different places. Some find it with art, some with music, some with sports and physical challenges – in every case there is something that is special to you. We find the street culture and community as an extremely open and accepting, very similar to the NFT space, where we all support each other with a common goal – WAGMI.

We come from skateboarding, where, either we get the trick or get back up to try again. This is what Daves family is all about, and it applies to any aspect of life – whether it’s that extra weight you said you want to lose, or that promotion in your day job, or that skill you said you wanted to learn – NEVER GIVE UP! If you fall, GET UP – TRY AGAIN – there is nothing that you cannot accomplish!

We want to make a place where everybody feels at home, more than a social club – WE ARE A FAMILY, and in this Family, we only have one rule: RESPECT! As long as you respect the members of the family the family is there for you. ALWAYS.